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Re: On behalf of the platypus

Posted by alexandra_k on April 19, 2020, at 6:03:17

In reply to Re: On behalf of the platypus beckett2, posted by alexandra_k on April 19, 2020, at 5:46:26


Apprently there is a major patch or update or something coming out for Fallout.

I started watching Cohh play it, again, because I was trying to understand why he ended up hating on it. Because he was a major fan. I think because it was streaming one of the earlier releases, maybe Fallout 4 that really blew up the number of viewers / subscribers for his Twitch livestream.

The first thing wrong with it was that it was multi-player rather than single-player.

You get idiots wanting to do 'speed-run' playthroughs of finishing the game as quickly as possible. Not listening to / reading the character dialoge. Not following the plot etc. Just rushing the whole thing to level up their character first so they can go back and be all over-powered around lower level characters doing slower / more methodical play-throughs. So multi-player was annoying as hell for Cohh.

Then there was this 'push to talk' issue. It surprised everyone for having everyones microphone automatically on. So when you were walking around in game you could hear people talking through their microphones. Yelling at their cat, or whatever. That was annoying for people like Cohh because he's talking to chat and narrating what he's doing and thinking aloud and ranting about life while he's playing... They eventually did patch in 'push to talk' so you had to activate your microphone if you wanted to speak into it. But...

Since Fallout came out... A Russian game called Escape From Tarkov came out. Escape from Tarkov was a multi-player game. It used push to talk.

Cohh did not like it to start with because he likes to go slow and take his time learning everything... But they let him do that... Then, when he was comfortable he played with a couple people... He found some people he liked playing with (who were really good and who taught him to play better in the group / team). It was pretty funny. It's a super-realistic war game. You can't tell who is on your team very well. That means your reflexed get a bit messed up as you accidentally shoot your mates in the back sometimes and get your head blown off for not reacting quick enough to the enemy at other times. Anyway.. Cohh was pissing people off, no end, for not wanting to push to talk. For wanting to leave his mike on and talk to his chat...

It was interesting / funny strange. It was a game I would not like to play, myself. It was fun watching him play. It was not a game he excelled in, but he did better at it than I would. I think it has potential for e-sports. The reaction time on some of the players...

But apparently they were (when they were being honest about it) exploiting the up to 2 second delay on the server connection. That's why people would be dead so quickly after spotting an enemy. Server lag.

It got me thinking about Russia, though. About what there is to see in that part of the world. I mean... They have developed science and technology... Haven't had a novel or whatever in translation for a while but there must be... So much stuff...




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