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Re: On behalf of the platypus beckett2

Posted by alexandra_k on April 19, 2020, at 5:46:26

In reply to Re: On behalf of the platypus, posted by beckett2 on April 18, 2020, at 17:05:53

> Do you play fallout?


I have played computer games since forever. I remember story games on friends parents home-work computers on floppy disk. Then my own Atari-St with a 100 games pack of arcade-type games. Black Lamp. Nebulous. Bomb Jack. Then windows 95 on a... Packard Bell, from memory. I was really really really really really really good at minesweep for the hundreds if not thousands of hours I sunk into that one... Then a friend loaned me Heroes of Might and Magic 7 and I was totally hooked on RPGs. Temple of Elemental Evil. D&D. Took to that after Pick a Path adventure stories, Choose your own adventure stories, Fighting Fantasy adventure stories. Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Scorpion Swamp...

I am not particularly good at computer games. I never finished or completed any of the RPG ones, from memory. I don't know if the game bugged out or if I couldn't figure what to do to complete a necessary quest or quite what would happen or go on or go wrong...

Nowdays I only really play Civilisation 5 and Rimworld. Mostly I enjoy watching CohhCarnage and a few other streamers playing games for me. I like him for his playstyle where he is basically showing off the game at it's best. Everything to see and do. All the loot. He plays games that I don't think I would enjoy -- real time combat with differnet characters isn't my thing. Pathfinder or one of those... And I don't pay attention to all the hundreds of hours I ''watch'' him play those long RPG's for... But I enjoy having them on in the background (the way I used to with the Cricket 3 or 5 day test matches) while I potter about with reading or writing or even playing a little rimworld or something myself.

So... I do not know the vast bulk of the plotline of Fallout (or of Borderlands) -- only some of the general gist. And I have only played Fallout 2 a little before realising that playing computer games isn't my thing. I enjoy watching Cohh play them, but playing them isn't really my thing.

He uploads most of his videos on Youtube if you wanted to check him out. For many many years (early Cohh is pretty funny with the beard and so on)... He plays 8 hours a day for most days and sometimes he has off days. Grumpy days. Ranty days. But generally he's a good sort with a good play-style.

> My understanding of the anti malaria drug is that it is more risky a treatment than the rump is acknowledging. Some people here have experience cardiac arrest with hydroxychloroquine. There is another drug, developed for Ebola, Remdesivir that showing to be better. Will the orange rump order that to be made? Idk.

I see. I don't know. I don't know if he mentioned it only to provide hope (no matter how slim) or to try and distract people from stockpiling more likely candidates (anti-virals always were more likely candidates for stockpiling). I don't know.

> Is Khan Academy free?

It is. I have given them a small donation once. But it is free. Yes.

> You probably know more about US history than I :)

I doubt that very much. The Khan Academy AP course is pretty good. I am not 'studying' it, just watching the video portions in a FYI sort of a way. She tells an interesting story of it.

I was surprised after that in playing Civilisation and going 'oh, that's Portugal -- I didn't know that' on the map. And 'Oh, well, that will be Spain'. And then 'Oh yeah, and the Conquisators (special unit from Spain) were going across there and the Techniti.... I don't remember how she pronounced it... They were there... The Aztecs...'


There are various earth maps on Civilisation, you see, with various degrees of accuracy (deserts where they are supposed to be, or whatever).

And the different civilisations, of course. With their special units or buildings or whatever.

I'm becoming slightly obsessed with Russia at the moment. Because of this guy:

He won a medal in the London Olympics... But it was rescinded a bit after when they re-tested the Russian athletes for designer testosterone drugs... Anyhoo...

He was poor. He competed in the Olympics (a performance sport, to be sure) in a (american designer) 'ideal' weight class with the best physique and a medal... And anyway, he clearly knows what he is doing actually with training and so on. And now he seems financially comfortable. Making a living.

And I was watching the videos and he seems like a decent / genuine guy. And watching the 'tourism' aspect on the training camps. About how they are taking tourists through Chernobyl now. And about the explosion. And about how big Russia is. How big and how alien to me...

Perhaps even more alien than China because we trade a lot with China, in NZ. Australia and China are our 2 greatest trading partners and apparently Chinese International Students are 1/2 our Education income or something from the Edu-tourism thing that we do... Teaching English. Etc. Granting Degrees possibly maybe even.

And I am slightly obsessed with Russia, at the moment.

> No swamp in NZ?

Oh yes. I was born in Cambridge (race horse and even Eventing horse country). I patted Charisma that was Mark Todd's horse for a couple Olypmpics when I was a kid. That was a very very very big deal for me.

Then we moved to Hamilton when I was maybe 3 or 4. 20 minutes drive, not far, larger township that we like to call city. A couple hundred-thousand. On the Waikato river. So low lying and mostly used to be swamp. Drained the swamp into a lake. Created a lot of low-lying farming land. Good for growing grass. Good for feeding cows that make the milk. Dairy cow country. Swamp. I think not warm enough for mosquitos, though. I don't remember problems with mosquitos... Not costal. Inland. A way aways from the inlet.

Where are you again? California - right? Some bay or other...




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