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Ombudsman racket

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2020, at 17:52:26

So, I am trying to understand the racket that is the Ombudsman, in NZ.

The Ombudsman is supposed to be indepdent from the Government. I think that means that the Government is not any kind of check or balance on the Ombudsman at all. What the Ombudsman says as the Ombudsman's independent opinion is guaranteed to be independent from the Government and anything other than that would be 'corruption'.

So there have been many cases of people being murdered or whatever whatever whatever in Government Institutions. Whether they be facilities for intellectually handicapped or psychiatric children or intellectually handicapped or psychiatric adults. Whether they be prisons. You get the idea.

So the Government likes to contract out the running and management of these facilities. Typically to some massive agency off-shore who promises to keep people housed cheaply. Cheapest bid. Because, why not? Cheapest must be best-est - right?

So then the Government says that it's got nothing to do with them...

So the Ombudsman gets paid by the Government to be all 'independent' and do physical inspections of these Government funded institutions so he can walk around going 'hear no evil, see no evil, there is no evil! It is just a lovely day in this cheapy cheap cheap cheap cheap institution and what, lo, another pay increase for me!'

ANd that is what he does.

That's what he was doing back in 2014:

And after goign up and down the Country proclaiming 'no human rights violations do I see!' he's at it again, this time in response to the CoronaVirus Epidemic.

F*ck*ng joke.




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