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physical exam

Posted by alexandra_k on April 11, 2020, at 19:43:08

our Gps don't really get to see patients anymore. They do zoom chat appointments with them.

it's okay -- they never really did things like physical exams before.

when i was in Australia a girl dropped dead in an exercise fitness class - which freaked the gym our, rather. it turned out to be a rare congenital heart condition and the exertion actually killed her. that was just before i joined for the first time. they wanted me to get a physical check-up from a doctor to okay me starting to exercise after i told them i hadn't been exercising previously for a number of years.

so along to the doctor i trundled.

i was actually seen by a new-ish medical graduate. she said 'uh, do you know what i'm supposed to be looking for in particular??' i said 'i don't know, just a general physical check-up, i suppose, so the gym doesn't get into trouble if i drop dead in group fitness because the instructor told me to work a bit harder and i do'. she didn't seem to have any earthly idea what she was supposed to be doing...

she did blood pressure. i think that's it. i don't think she wrote down findings of what she did and what she found. i think she just signed 'medically cleared to exercise' or something... it seemed like the pointless waste of time that it was.

but if they don't know what they are looking for... it's just like playing 'doctors and nurses' that kids play maybe when they are 3 or something learning that boys look different from girls, huh.

what's the difference?

the state of development of medicine...

the state of knowledge of our graduates...

there wasn't even an element of 'i should know this -- hang on, let me look it up'. there wasn't even an element of 'well, i guess we could do a physical examination... maybe one that would be appropriate for travel / immigration?? that would have been a protocol to follow, if there wasn't any other one... are there really not cleared for exercise protocols? this is super bizarre...

i mean she could have said 'well, we could MRI your heart -- but that will set you back a couple grand'. there was no mention of anything. i don't htink she even listened to my heart.

(not that i can tell what it's up to. sounds normal... probably nothing to hear).

the problme is lack of acces to medicine / medical professionals.

largely because of the fan-boys crowding things up.

i'm upset about these dangly tags because these people are not wearing ID badges where they are clearly visible. they should be wearing ID badges that are clearly visible and they should be introducing themselves to patients clearly by their name and role. and patients should be able to phone in their registration number.

you can't have consultants doing consulationas in a system where every kid of the senior official is passing themselvs off as consultant. everyone without a medical degree. teh medical students. the cleaners. random people from overseas who find themsleves on payroll...

the PPE gear restritions get people asking 'who are you? are you supposed to be here? your shift is over get the f*ck out of here!'

people are often more harm than help.

it's hard to triage the staff...

thats the trouble with the ER, i guess.

every now and then you get swamped not by patitents by by vultures and you can' tprotect your pateints from them.




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