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the great hierarchy of life

Posted by alexandra_k on April 11, 2020, at 19:10:56

it's just another case where the people go 'see see see! life is just a hierarchy! you squabble and stomp and struggle and kick and squeal your way up up up the hierachy at everyone else's expense and if you aren't doing that then you are the loser in this game of life!'

and good people can't do good business with them.

and nobody wants to live, like that.

so people move away.

but then you get swarms of people on the move.

and it's decimating the earth.

and i've spent much of my life moving moving moving moving moving around moving away from these awful people who only want to interact to take and stomp and kick and squeal...

there is no working with people working towards. there is no progress. there is no forwards momentum.

there is only people stomping and kicking and squealing at each other.

don't see people any more.

but some people retreated with really rather more than their fair share of stuff.

and you see the choices they make with the things they have got..

i wish i had never been born.

i don't understand why this universe came into be, at all.

i don't see a point or purpose or meaning.

or good to it.

i don't see anything good.

i see pests spreading their sickness and disease.

i see people investing in promoting that ideology.




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