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small business

Posted by alexandra_k on April 11, 2020, at 19:00:54

In reply to Re: hand sanitiser, posted by alexandra_k on April 11, 2020, at 18:03:42

And the big businesses are the only businesses that the government will allow to operate.

The major supermarket chains remained open -- and there wasn't really anyplace else for people to spend their money.

So spend their money, they did, into the major supermarket chains.

We had 16 year olds working in supermarkets re-stocking supplies and facing customers etc. Considering themselves lucky they had any job at all.

The supermarket chains were supplying face masks and PPE to their employers.

Initially, at least.

I guess the Warehouse, too, then. They can say 'we brought up all the PPE before this precisely so we could continue to operate during an epidemic. We did the things we needed to do to ensure worker safety'.

So now the government can't really close them down...

But the government would like for, uh...

Policemen to have masks.


And where were all the DHB supplies?


They only hire people who won't use supplies. That's business as usual.

They only hire people that (they can convince themsleves) wouldn't be able to competently use supplies, even if they were available.

Somehow that's supposed to make it better.

I do feel bad for the small businesses. The corner stores. The local fruitshops.

To be fair, they were allowed to open... After some time. After it was clearer what protocols to follow with respect to one in - one out and how many in the store and people spacing themselves outside in cues.

Cafes's is hard...

I see people walking by (I live across from Auckland City Hospital) with their dangly tags and... More worryingly... What suspiciously looks like take-away coffee.

People should have a lot of time on their hands to study for their exams.

My schooling would have gone very differently indeed if I had have had the internet access that kids have today.

I would have discovered Khan Academy likely when I was around 7. That would have opened up a world of mathematics to me, if I was allowed to work at my own pace and progress when I was ready to progress.

Instead of (what is always the way) I get to do hundreds of problems (you think you're so smart!) and then they jump on the errors and berate me and that's the reason why I am not allowed to progres (with everyone else, even). That's why I must be held back.

I would have been able to explore different things. Robotics. Biology. Who knows what would have taken off for me.

I think physiology and molecular biology. The more molecular biology side of biochemistry.

I would have discovered about A & P examinations. I would have discovered about College Entry Examinations. I would likely have started working through the prep. It would have given me something to work towards. Helped me focus. Helped me measure my progression.

I would have done the work. Because it seems like a system that rewards the work. Whether it does or not in fact it gets people working. People with the capacity and motivation.

And that's where a chunk of our people went. Overseas. The hardworkign and talented kids of the rich people. Took off for their US college placements. The ones who stay here... Are ones who did not work towards / did not have the capacity to do well under that system.

We have a 'quick quick quick quick as you can' system of inheritence on the places, here. So people like me aren't supposed to be able to tell how not very bright and how basically inept so very many of he people picked to do med actually are. But of course, many of them were simply picked to be 'other halves'. There's that.

So, there is no reason at all they want me.

Because that's what it's about, hey? Increasing the inequality and imploding the earth by their own stupidity. Onwards ho.




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