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hand sanitiser

Posted by alexandra_k on April 11, 2020, at 18:00:14

There were protocols.

There were protocols of when hand hygine was supposed to be performed.

Australia had this online video thing that you were supposed to watch and complete as part of your accreditation.

Like the way the University does the plagarism quiz before anyone starts University.

So they can prevent our completion later, I suppose. Or, you know, pretend they have never heard of you when an overseas party asks them if your Degree is Legitimate or if you just printed it up yourself on your printer back home.

Since they reckon our hospitals are pretty deserted... People arent' rocking up to the A and E...

Hand sanitiser use should have gone down. Yes. It's a no brainer. Less patients. Less consultations. Less hand sanitiser use.

Only that's not the case...

I think that is why it is hard to make sense of the people crying out for PPE... They never even cared about washing their hands, before...

But that's what makes it next to impossble to do elective surgeries (without saying 'hai' to a 'hosptial asosociated infection)... In the public system where there are so many people in the hospital.. The managers and administrators want to have their meetings... Dangle dangle dangly tags everywhere. Srubs in front of the patients. Scrubs walking to the shops. Scrubs in the sushi shop. Dangly tag dangle dangle dangle. Scrubs back into the hospital...

Uniforms generally.

People laundering their uniforms at home with their family's washing.

The whole system...

Overcrowded healthcare workers. Walking about in groups. Gangs of them...

A lot of our 'essential service' people are finding themselves out of jobs, right now.

They will say 'we will need them in teh re-build'. But I'm not so sure. I'm not so sure we are wanting to head back there.

They say they were working as doctors or nurses or whatever overseas. And maybe they were. Or maybe they weren't. Maybe their overeseas accreditation is not acknowledged here or maybe they don' thave overseas accreditation.

I'm not sure out accreditation is worth working towarsd. BY that I mean to say I don't know that it is something that can be worked towarsd. By that I mean to say I don' tknow that it is something that is intended to reward natural ability and hard work. I imagine it is just a hoop or step that actually plays no role and the truth of it is that they just choose the biggest suck ups who are just like them or actually they choose the kids who they have leverage over so they can get them doign things like... All the work for none of the money while teaching them nothing much... It is unclear to me that there is anything here...

I do get that if there is it needs to protect itself from the rabble and disorganisation that threatens to swamp it...

But where is it?

Why don't I get to contribute to things that are meaningful?

Are they blinded by their kids?




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