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Re: On behalf of the platypus

Posted by alexandra_k on April 11, 2020, at 17:48:26

In reply to Re: On behalf of the platypus, posted by alexandra_k on April 11, 2020, at 17:29:30

Much as I hate to say it... What I have seen of that guy (which is not over-much) he actually seems competent.

I am not used to thinking of rich people (or the kids of rich people) as competent. As having individual merit.

I see rather a lot more of the entitled and ill-motivated... The harms and dangers of nepotism...

But you have to look at the things people do with the money they have...

The Warehouse (the money cow) for one of our richest people... Announced it would be open during the lockdown because it sold 'essential goods' (heaters, some cleaning products). Then the Government announced it would not be open. Then... It opened. To mail orders. Of essential items? To essential services? It is unclear.

I guess Health and Safety gets to have a gander of the working conditions of the workers and decide.

That's what's going on the world over... Yeah???

The level of surveillance we will allow in the name of health and safety.

Traceability of contacts. Is what they want.

For everyone?

How will the politicians get up to no good?

Prostitution? Drug parties? Private meetings taking bribes? How will all these things occur?

It's hard to imagine that these things will be prevented all the way up...

Is it just another thing of 'once we discover you are really an axe murderer by night then you get to be head of surgery because that's something we can use against you any time we like...' How will they hold it over you for all the surveillance of them...

So meta...

It makes my head spin.




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