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Re: who wants to be a cleric?

Posted by alexandra_k on April 9, 2020, at 18:05:56

In reply to who wants to be a cleric?, posted by alexandra_k on April 9, 2020, at 17:49:01

who wants to be on the medical admissions committee?

making sure the kids with the capacity to do medicine don't get to be picked.

the idea is one of beating up on people until they go away.

suppose you have a kid and it eats food and food costs money. the issue becomes just how mean you can be to the kid to get it to go away.

the universities here are just a joke. they pick the kids to do various things -- by nepotism and dumb luck. likely with a bribery component also...

and they pat themselves on the back they are getting 'first in family' kids through 'first in family degrees' and into 'first world jobs' like... processsing applications to university. where these 'first world jobs' mean that the people working them don't die of things like losing arms in machinery or losing joints working the fields...

cooped up in their chicken coop open floor offices with no air conditoning...

pretending to process pretending to proces pretending to process... pretending to be a first world country where things are processed.. scribbling out all the processes that are suppposed to be followed. bums on seats. cars in the wilsons car park. faces on the train.

the new zeealand dream!

we ain't in fiji or tonga anymore!

living the new zealadn dream!

watching the money go around...

so people can beat up on each other in their houses.

and our problem is that we don't have enough people.

we somehow think that if only we had all the people that china or the usa or europe has then things would miraculously self organise so that our rich people could be even richer.

stupider and stupider and richer and richer.

i mean we are moving towards the elmiination of literacy in the university. everything is taught by youtube style movie clips.

to hide and disguise the fact that there are no written laws and only a dense web of contradictory and conflicting and transient policy documents to create confusion

how much faster can we run backwards?




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