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who wants to be a cleric?

Posted by alexandra_k on April 9, 2020, at 17:49:01

I wonder how many children of rich kids will want to go to Medical School this year?

If doctors are being socially ostracised as spreaders of disease and if it isn't cool to wear scrubs in public anymore then I wonder what will happen to Medical Admissions.

I suppose there is always the promise of a well-paying career in Medical Administration. Logistics and Supply. That kind of thing. Can do it from home, even, don't need to step foot in the hospital likely enough. Neither do the Medical Supplies har de har har.

I don't know what is going to happen to the UCAT examination this year.

I was the only person taking it in my time-slot last year. They clearly arranged for other people to be present in the room to ensure I wouldn't die of lonliness (many would) but I suppose they can just do the same thing again.

Several hundreds of dollars for them to collect up the data and... Give the places to the kids they were always going to give the places to.

Because, you know, everyone wants to work for the NHS. Best health system in the world.

What did the Doctors say: CoronaVirus is coming. We are powerless to stop it.


Given that nobody does the things they are supposed to do the inevitable is inevitable. The modellers were right. Surprise surprise. Wasn't like they invested in their projections at all.


I guess I am supposed to think that New Zealand is learnign about what it is to be a fairer society. We did have a lot of people making a living in touristy things and hospitality etc. And the trouble is that that was part of this thing whereby some people had more money than they needed for the basic essential stuff... While others did not have their basic essential needs met.

We currently have around 1/2 our people on welfare.

Meaningful work / employment doesn't really happen here.

THe mininster of health still gets paid to that. He broke quanantine 2x. He still gets paid even though they went 'shame shame' and 'you only keep getting paid because nobody else wants your job right now'.

Yeah, that's the kiwi way. 'You don't do your job so we will pay you to not do your job. So that nobody else gets to do your job.'

More money for you Minsiter of health. More money for you. All the money for you. All the money for you while you dno't do your job. Keep the title. Make sure nobody does your job.




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