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Re: Inability to process

Posted by alexandra_k on January 3, 2020, at 14:43:01

In reply to Re: Inability to process, posted by alexandra_k on January 3, 2020, at 14:32:39

Because then they get to choose, you see.

If you didn't complete the qualification in the minimum, normal, or standard time, then the Medical Admissions Committee gets to choose whether they will give you a place or not.

Because this is how Tonga developed the amazing system of immunisations that they did.

By choosing which of their students to educate / train / allow to practice as health professionals.

That's how we have managed to go precisely backwards: By refusing to participate in such obviously fair and beneficial practices as independent and objective assessment and the like.

At some point I said that I moved to Otago because I thought they would give me another shot at applying once they got to know me.

I am sure people somewhere are going 'see see see you are just like us you are looking for special favors too!' To clarify... Once people saw how hard I worked and that I wasn't dumb as a post and that I was personally presentable they would wonder how my previous application had been mis-processed, so.

What happened to my previous application?

Oh yeah, hospice and the anglican church had other ideas.


Let's do an intergenerational study on how Dunedin treats it's own people.

Right before I left I saw a glimmer of Bhuddism... It brought something that Dunedin really doesn't seem to have much of. Hope.

The people of Dunedin won't get a new hospital anytime soon. There is too much corruption there. Some people earn too much and earn too much off of doing too little. Obscuring. Obstructing. Preventing. People have tied their fortunes and futures to the opression of others.

Black sale house.

Dunedin isn't racist, particularly. There is certainly a white under-class there. Intergenerational poverty.

I have been informed the highest appeal is the library manager.

I have been at the libraries: Where are all the theses? Where is all the research output? Where are all the donated volumes... The ones that are worth something... The early edition Grey's Anatomy... All the things that disappear from the online record... The fires of storage... Where are all the books?






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