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Lou's response-Larry wants to sue Hsiung Larry Hoover

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 6, 2016, at 8:07:06

In reply to Lou, posted by Larry Hoover on September 4, 2016, at 23:50:08

> I am perplexed.
> Over the years, I have seen people banned for apologizing to someone, because unbeknownst to them, a new rule had been created, called the "do not post rule". That allowed anyone having a hissy fit to restrict the actions of another poster, when it was themselves who should have taken a walk, and a period of reflection.
> After reflection by a poster following a dispute, the first post here, an apology, yielded a 16 week ban because of this new rule? I struggle, emotionally, to even mention Alexandra. Fist pump, girl, you know the real rules.
> And then there's Lou. What rule has he not broken? Who has he not offended? Good God, Bob, I'm wealthy enough to fund a class action, and force you to explain yourself. Methinks you will lose, with punitive damages. And some really bad publicity.
> Lar
> Lar

Mr. Hsiung has impunity from what he does here in this jurisdiction. He has freedom of speech although he denies the members that same freedom.
Now he could be hacked to death in Bangladesh or beheaded or flogged to death in Saudi Arabia and Tunisia and some other countries by being charged with insulting Islam is refusing to post a repudiation of the statement [..No non-Christian will...] which is analogous to no Islamic person or no Jewish person or no person that has in their faith that are non-adherents of Christendom that they can enter heaven without being a Christendom person along with other statements that insult Islam that he allows to stand as being supportive where they are originally posted.
Your idea of a class action suit fails to state a claim under which that could be brought against Mr. Hsiung. He does not have to abide by title 7 or 8 as the university has posted a disclaimer on each page. He also removed his u of Chicago email.
As far as defamation, he is immune from 3erd parties posting defamation as of now but that could change this month.
You see, unbeknownst to you and others, I am going to appear to the high court in Ohio on Sept 28 as the commission justices have invited me to argue a religious discrimination charge that I have made as Jews are being discriminated upon as I am the charging party. The respondents have attempted to justify anti-Semitism where that means denying equality to the Jews as I contend that Mr. Hsiung is doing the same here by denying me equal treatment in respect to his enforcement policy as in the notification policy.
That is the same issue I am arguing in front of the high justices and they will rule that same day. If I prevail, and my original brief is very persuasive as the justices want to make a determination that will cause districts in the U.S. to be accountable for religious discrimination against Jews. Hsiung's arguments will fall apart if I prevail and the ruling could dramatically change sites like this that allow anti-Semitic propaganda and discrimination against Jews to be seen as being supportive by a psychiatrist as he shows his thinking to be against his own goals to accommodate hatred toward the Jews.
If I prevail, you could use my decision but Mr. Hsiung is allowing you to post anti-Semitic propaganda with impunity and rampant defamation of me so you will not get far as Hsiung's lawyer could get a dismissal on the clean hands doctrine. Then he could conceivably counter sue you for frivolous prosecution. He could also show malice possibly, but he is a public figure and could have a tough road to hoe to do so.
If you want this site to expel me but allow you to post anti-Semitic hate here, is that not encouraging others to defame the Jews here also?




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