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Lou's urgent warning to Mr. Hsung

Posted by Lou Pilder on June 12, 2016, at 10:22:41

Mr. Hsiung,
By you refusing to act on my notifications, there could be readers to commit hate crimes as seeing that you are allowing anti-Semitic propaganda and hatred against me to be seen here as being supportive by you and your deputies of record. And by a psychiatrist going against his own terms of service to allow such hate to be seen as by you allowing it to be seen as being supportive that you will have your community to benefit by you doing it, turns my stomach.
At this point, in order to prevent hate crimes by those just waiting for a psychiatrist to encourage hatred toward Jews by allowing anti-Semitic propaganda to be seen as being supportive and will be good for the community as a whole as he thinks, I am asking you to immediately post a new page that when anyone comes to this site that page is seen first and on the page it reads something like:

Notice From The Owner of This Site:
I am thinking about acting on what others could see as religious discrimination in my moderation of this site that could lead to anti-Semitic violence outside of this site. I realize that the membership here and readers could be under the influence of mind-altering drugs and be powerfully influenced by seeing a psychiatrist validating hatred and anti-Semitic propaganda being supportive, to commit violence toward the targets of the hate, the Jews.
I have not made up my mind to act on Lou's notifications to me yet and need your input to help me make a more-informed decision as to if I should treat Lou's notifications equally or not.
Please help me make that decision by emailing me now. To make it easy for you, choose from one of the following by just emailing me the letter.
"Dr. Bob"

I want you to leave the anti-Semitic propaganda and hatred toward Lou unsanctioned, which could be in Lou's notifications to you, because:

A. The fire of hatred toward the Jews from those posts could escalate from seeing what you think about Jews.
B. Jews are inferior people and do not deserve the equal protection of your rules here and I want to be associated with you in that.
C. something else which is.........

I want you to immediately attend to all of Lou's notifications that could contain anti-Semitic propaganda and hatred toward Lou, because:

D. I want the fire of hate put out by you attending to the posts that contain anti-Semitic propaganda and hatred toward Lou
E. By you allowing anti-Semitic propaganda to be seen as being supportive, you create and develop a mindset that could lead vulnerable readers to think (falsely) that non-Jews are superior to Jews because you are discriminating in your rules by denying Lou the equal protection of your rules and I do not want to be associated with you here.
F. Something else which is.....

Then you have a button to press that takes one to the main page
Lou Pilder




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