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Lou's response-tupstan? Partlycloudy

Posted by Lou Pilder on July 20, 2014, at 17:19:17

In reply to Re: why I posted those links, posted by Partlycloudy on July 20, 2014, at 16:10:05

> > > I don't understand why you would have linked to these pictures.
> >
> > PC asked what the picture was, so I posted links to a couple pages that identified it, showed the whole work, and discussed it.
> >
> > Bob
> I think that any in depth discussion of art is going to have a component of interpretation; especially when images are shown in thumbnail and out of context (there's a familiar PsychoBabble theme). Links to the shows where the images originated from are more likely to include those that may be interpreted as obscene, again, without knowing the context or reasoning of the artist's intentions.
> I find art to be so very interesting. Out of context, it can be really hard for me to grasp, not knowing the artist, or the meaning behind the image; particularly not being anything but a layman in my knowledge.
> This is a chance, however, to be educated. If someone is offended by the larger context, then I agree a trigger warning is appropriate. Otherwise, I think it's fun and an opportunity to work my grey matter to its limits in unfamiliar directions. Also, if someone IS offended by anything about the links or art, I would advise to avoid the thread. This is what I have learned. If you are triggered in particular or find the link upsetting, perhaps it's appropriate to report the post.
> That's my take, anyway.
> PC,
You wrote,[...if anyone is offended...I would advise to avoid the thread...].
I disagree, for the TOS here could lead readers to believe that anything that could be offending is not to be posted because being supportive takes precedence according to Mr. Hsuing and what is not sanctioned is not against the rules and the TOS/FAQ states that posts that show what could be insensitive to the feelings of others is against the rules here by Mr. Hsiung.
If the swastika is allowed to be displayed, for any reason here, then what could be disrespectful to a subset of Jews is by the nature of Mr. Hsiung's TOS conducive to the civic harmony and welfare of this community in Mr. Hsiung's thinking. If that be the case, then could not all topics be allowed to be posted here including the foundation of Judaism as revealed to me? That is not permitted here on the basis that there could be readers that are polytheists, which restrains me from posting the foundation of Judaism as revealed to me according to Mr. Hsiung. To say that the swastika can be displayed here with impunity by the owner/operator of this site, which could be insensitive to Jews, and the foundation of Judaism as revealed to me can not be posted here because it could be insensitive to polytheists, sets up the thinking for a subset of readers that the policy is against the Jew because the swastika is allowed to be posted by the owner, but the foundation of Judaism is not allowed to be posted by me as a Jew here. Any policy that is against the Jews is by definition an anti-Semitic policy, just as a hotel had a policy against the Jews, the hotel could be deemed by a subset of people as to be an anti-Semitic hotel.




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