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Lou's response-sentvfeelgs

Posted by Lou Pilder on July 20, 2014, at 16:04:55

In reply to Lou's response-mnkyseemnkydu sleepygirl2, posted by Lou Pilder on July 20, 2014, at 13:37:09

> > I don't like penises in trees, I prefer the real kind. Lou is paranoid as hell, that's about him. All the website censorship in the world won't change that.
> sleepygirl2,
> You wrote, [...Lou is...].
> What you wrote about me is false, and can induce hostile and disagreeable feelings toward me and decrease the respect , regard and confidence I which I am held, for I am not paranoid because I object to see a swastika displayed here by a psychiatrist that operates a mental-health forum for support and has strict rules to not allow anything that could lead one to feel put down or accused and to be sensitive to the feelings of others and not post language that could offend others. He also has a prohibition to me not to post anything about the regime that used the swastika. By posting a link that shows the swastika, that is something about that regime, for the prohibition is very broad as to not post {anything} concerning what the prohibition to me entails. The fact that I am objecting to Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record to continue to allow anti-Semitic statements to be seen as civil where they are posted, could lead me to think that there could be a reasonable basis for me to think that his posting of the swastika in the link could be in some way involved in our discussion between me and him by the fact that he will not delete the link per my objection to him posting the swastika in the link. For he knows that I am objecting to his allowing of the anti-Semitic statements to be seen as civil where they are originally posted. That is contrary to his own rule to not post anything that could lead one to feel that their faith is being put down, and the swastika can lead a subset of Jewish readers to feel that their faith is being disrespected. They could have a rational basis to think that because this is a mental health forum that has rules to protect readers from having their feelings hurt by the nature that Mr. Hsiung has a rule to be sensitive to the feelings of others and the swastika can be sickening when seen by Jewish people. It can remind them of the horrors that were symbolized by the swastika and Jews could think that the allowing of the swastika here could have a part in bringing back a resurgence of hatred toward the Jews. After all, readers can do what the they see the psychiatrist do.
> There are symbols that can enflame the sensibilities of peoples that are symbols of racial hatred. The swastika is illegal to be displayed in some jurisdictions, of which this site can reach into the homes there.
> The display of the swastika here by the psychiatrist can IMHO lead a subset of readers to kill themselves and/or commit mass-murder. This is because that subset of readers could be taking mind-altering drugs in collaboration with a psychiatrist/doctor that can induce suicidal and/or homicidal thoughts and think that the swastika is supportive by the psychiatrist, since he posted it and what goes here is supposed to be supportive and will be good for this community as a whole, according to Mr. Hsiung's thinking. So our young people that read here can be steered into thinking that the swastika is conducive to the civic harmony and welfare of the group here. It could be seen by our young people as being validated by the psychiatrist and also the members that do not post an objection to him posting the link with the swastika in it. And besides myself, just Phillipa posted an objection here. So these young people, and adults, could have hatred toward the Jews ratified for them to commit acts of hatred toward Jews in schools, shopping malls, and synagogues and at Jewish centers.
> Someone said it,[...A picture is worth a thousand words...].
> Lou

It is written here,[...all the website...]
Putting the swastika on a website is illegal in many jurisdictions. The argument to allow it IMHO do not negate Mr. Hsiung's own rules here. The fact that it is recognized as that the swastika could be insensitive to the feelings of Jews could lead a subset of readers to think that Mr. Hsiung is disregarding his own rules to allow the swastika in the link to remain here. There is a rational basis for those to think that if they understand the laws of some countries concerning posting so a swastika shows. Here is a link to some of that thinking explained to you so that you could have a better understanding as to why a subset of readers could have a rational basis to think as to what is in discussion here.
To see this article:
A. Pull up Google
B. Type in, [ Brainz, is it illegal to display the swastika symbol ]
This usually comes up first.




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