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ethanol side effects

Posted by rjlockhart37 on December 28, 2020, at 15:37:25

i rerember about 6-7 months ago, i drank red wine and my mom blasted said i need to go for a walk, to excertise. I did, and i came across the old court yards, well baseball grounds, and in 2001 i rerember i ran a track meet there, before all the baseball courts were building around 2006. As i was walking it hit me really hard, that i was still left in time at that same plance. I cried while as i walking through it, and after that ... i had dark feelings, well not like suicide but close to it. Diffrent type of alcohol have diffrent effects, red wine has it's own effect, tequila, vokda they all have diffrent effects, yet there all still ethenol. I first drink thinking it will make me in better mood, it does then after time it slowly turns to depressed sedation. I get terribly depressed during the after hours about 3-4 hours later after having wine or tequila or etc....

but it just, i rerember walking through those court yards, or baseball fields for practice and games, i was there in 2001 before it was all built running for cross country, it pained me so hard to half way see this place 20 years ago. That somehow left in time here. It's 2020 fixing to be 2021 and i still feel left in time at that high school. Yes i do have my own, time i have to be alone and let this come out. But i realize that red wine, ethenol it does improve mood, get a buzz but even that if im drunk, i hate writings this, ill eventually get depressed. I one time went out with a bunch of friends, we went to cowboy bars in fort worth, had shots of everything and it was kinda fun, i rerember being so intoxicated seeing this bar fight that happened, but i was half in a dream state. One of my friends was ... thought he was all that, then got plastered in a bar fight. Police came and everything. Yeah, like i said i rerember it but it was so dreamy state because of excess drunk, or alcohol. It was kinda fun, to go bars, we would go to one bar get drinks, then head another one up the street in cowboy town.

Anyways, i don't know but certain spirits of alcohol have their diffrent effects, gin is known to make some people angry. Anyways i just thought i'd write. Sedatives can potieciate alcohol effect, but the main known effect is dopamine release, then after that is GABA, which is the depressed sedation. I know people who drink all day, they never get depressed or alcohol plastered. Don't know it depends on the person's nuerotransmitters and metabolism. It's side effect differ in diffrent people.

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