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Posted by rjlockhart37 on August 12, 2020, at 0:42:46

i've been thinking, the past few days have been hell with anxiety and sweating, i've been having to take GABA supplement, sometimes even phenibut to clean out the anxiety, with diazepam. I'll be honest, if the supplement is discontinued, there will be major depletion, requiring high dose of benzo, which actually may not even work. If ... i do, do it, they will take off Prozac, Nuvigil, and put me on more antipsychotics and large amount of benzos. That's the thing im worried about, because when i would be released, my doctor may hesitate to put back on prozac and nuvigil. Prozac is the only thing that keeps me normal, and when i went to a psych, they pulled me off prozac completly, put me on depakote, ativan, large dose of geodon

feeling if im losing anxiety, if that supplement was discontinued, it would be hell. Even with benzo adminstration, there would not be enough GABA. that or just praying for intervention from devine forcces, plus phenibut which i have to take to rid the residue anxiety. My doctor doenst work with me, someone at home controls everything, so...the only i can do is volentary go to a state hospital, i've been to terrell state hospital, its a very old hospital, part of its haunted has a grave yard, its the only closest one near me. And there is a COIV-D 19 cases going on there right now. I went out there in 2010, telling them my situation, i saw guards and everything and it freaked me out, and i baacked out and said all the correct things on the psych exam, so they would not hold me.

I don't know, that's a vague choice, and a very out there thought to do, i could figure something out on my own, through research and adjustments. Sometimes i feel its the only option when im plagued with anxiety where you sweat, and have no gaba. Then thinking of the other options that even with high benzo usage, low gaba would be a problem. Anyways, that is a vague idea, and it probaly won't happen. I just have been thinking on it. If the worst happened, i would do it, i would drive out there and sign myself in, they can keep me for a long time.

I'm just writing options on things right now, but right now, that would be a major no, pull me off everything, high benzos would be used, it would not be correct, desicion. I would have to tell about the GABa supplement, if i would take it during time there.

This has been remunerating about thinking right now, but its a major no. Out weighing the things that would happen, which i would lose my stay at home, and be in a psych room. If the worst happpens, which probaly would not, i would do it. I just need to do adjustments, and research.

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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