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PA scares me, am I wrong??

Posted by B2chica on March 4, 2020, at 10:00:55

Ok, so I wont bother to explain my end other that Dx depression and anxiety, sometimes Bipolar-mixed (I dont get the happy.

#1, he was dismissive and when I was saying how I was sensitive to generics, he said theyre all the same
#2. I was supposed to get an Adderall Rx and instead he wrote Dexedrine , said it would work better... (I had told him Id been on it before. But I didnt care anymore so I just picked it up.
#3. It was for 15mg am and 15 mg at noon. But Ive Never not titrations up on a stimulant so I just took 1 the first day, 2 the next. Crazy! My response was terrible. Out of the first six days I slept about as many hours (6.5). Two of the nights no sleep at all. My chest felt weird, and my heart rate was too fast about 115-125. But when I stopped I couldnt get out of bed, averaging 14-19 hrs. Sleep each day... even when awake, blunted. Went back on and now Im shaky, tired, some visual ad a few auditory ones as well (probably more from lack of sleep).
#4 so my point of not stopping on my own was my being barely alive. So I made an appt. I did learn he had no idea of my dx... I was at peak with second dex and he brought up something that triggered me and I had a panic attack which he thought was mania... NOW, he called in Rx to increase my Pristiq, trying to convince me that I should be on mood stabilizers, (lamictal), which I said three times been there and weird reaction asthma increased and after last titration it seemed like my throat or back of tongue was swelling... so ...
#5. oh and by the way I started it again last Friday, and I CANNOT sleep! I have been up for the last three nights, though yesterday I layer down at about 5am and woke little before 6(am).
#6. So again Ill mention that Im pretty isolated, lost job so no boss or coworkers to ask. No Pdoc, no T to bank things off, and no family physician either.
#6. Dexedrine is also stated to not playing-well with desipramine-which Im also on....And Now. UPPING serotonin, should I not worry about possible psychosis reaction, or serotonin syndrome??
#7 Oh, and after putting me on that (via phone by the way) no follow up visit?

So I think I should go in today And request to chat with him.
The whole reason I went there was to get OFF dex and he wasnt at all worried?? Im so messed up. DepressIon worse, cognition dead, and physically hyper, but becoming agitated- more negative.

Let me know what you think about this, am I over reacting?

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."
Ana´s Nin




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