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nicotine enhancment and dependence

Posted by rjlockhart37 on January 9, 2020, at 23:15:11

i used to smoke for about 10 years, i enjoyed it, after a stressful event i would have a smoke, or something to look too, to pull out a cigg and light up, it gives a small reward feeling. So...after a while, my mom and my stepfather hated my smoking, they told me i smelled like smoke, and take a shower everytime i smoked, it is kinda ironic, smoking used to be normal during the periods 1940-1980s, EVERYONE and everywhere would smell like smoke, offices, airplanes, college classroomes, you would light up anywhere and there were no restrictions, then i think in the late 70s or 80s they started banning smoking to outside, becaues non smokers just had it, they said they would have to wash their clothes, and hair because even being in an offices, they smoked at their desks, and their would be a cloud in meeting rooms and offices. EVERYWHERE smelled like smoke, i ask my mom and others, could smoke almost anywhere, have ciggertte smoke clouds in offices and movie theares.

So i decided i don't want to smell like nasty ciggertte, and plus i thought it would be cleaner and less harsh on the lungs. I have to say something, i have low dopamine - i constantly have to drink caffeine, or take l-tyrosine to keep my dopamine nomral. Then i started looking how much nicotine intakake, i saw the tank and saw how much i was puffing a day. I'm doing it because there's a drop in dopamine levels, and when i smoke or ... vape, it boosts it back up and i feel better mood, back to normal. It helps me think, and it was nicotine that helped me get through when they ripped me off stimulants, and still today it's use ful, but when it's not there, nicotine withdrawal. I've got to lower the levels, because truthfully, nicotine boosts my dopamine back to normal, and it releases another chemical called acetylcholine which helps thinking and process. I will not go back to ciggeretttes ever, because one people today look down on you if you smoke, they considerate it quite unpleasant, and see you as a smoker. Chain smokers do that, to keep their dopamine and acetylcholine up while doing things, work or processing.

I've got to lay down, taken nicotine lounges when i study, and it does help but its not psychoative like real stimulants. I've gotta lower down the dose, i just realized that, ... if i go sometime somwhere and go days without nicotine, there will be withdrawl, not bad but ill be in unpleasant state, and feel understimulated.

Hopefully since i wrote this, ill go back and remind myself, vapes don't stink, they smell alot better, there less harsh on the lungs than tobacco, and people don't know you smoke. So .. wish me luck, reduce intake, but the main thing is dopamine depletion, and using nicotine and others to keep them up to normal levels. That is truthful, after a stressful event, it makes a relief or reward feeling, but it's not conisdered as hard core, it's very light. The whole world from the 1940s-80s smelled like cigarette, classes, airplanes, restaurants, office meetings having cloud of cigarette smoke in the room. Nasty, that why people look down on smokers today.

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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