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Sage/Lyrica/Cannabis *LIFESAVERS* for me

Posted by jay2112 on December 8, 2019, at 22:46:07

Warning: Possible Triggers

Hey folks:

I started Sage with my Lyrica, Effexor, Remeron, and clonazepam (the previous 3 left me suicidal)...first added the herb Sage, and it slowed my anxiety, improved cognition, and another amazing stopped me from almost ever sweating!!! And I was a heavy sweater...Sage works like Alzheimer's increases acetacholine, the chemical that improves memory, thought, and is a mood brightner, and likely antagonizes antidepressants, to a degree, and reduces their side effects... then added Lyrica, and my god, everything slowed right down, and I stopped ruminating, obsessing, and went major pro-social. It felt like the world weight was lifted off my shoulders. Then, I started experimenting with cannabis. It is legal here in Canada. First I tried, what I didn't know, was a very tiny dose of cannabis with CBD in a capsule. I also didn't know CBD antagonizes cannabis. So, I just thought it didn't work for me. Oh, the THC was 10 mg in the capsule. The government experts told me that was a very tiny dose. Ugghh.

So, then, I found another company online, who sold cannabis in oil tincture drops, at 400 mg of THC!! Whoa. I ordered some, along with chocolate bars that had 800 mg of THC!! I was told to take it slow, and gentle. I got them, in the morning, sliced the chocolate bar into tiny bites, took one, and one drop of my tincture. Immediately, I first got a dry mouth, and these where the Indica, the relaxing strain of cannabis/THC. My tension in my neck and back went away, along with the pain from the pain as well as my usual tension headaches. These weren't the whole doses, so I didn't fall flat on my * I got in a good mood, took my dog for a walk, brought my walkman, and everything seemed more beautiful, less intense, and my worries disappeared. (Actually, this started with the Sage and especially the Lyrica) As well, like just mentioned with the Lyrica, my suicidal thoughts completely evaporated over a month ago, when I started the Lyrica, and the cannabis lifted it all further.

Traditional psychiatric medicine has not completely worked for me for over 30 years. I have found my personal emotional and mental lifeboat. In fact, I feel like I did before I started most psych meds, and I am not bashing psychiatry!! What I am taking are psychoactive substances, and my pdoc is very supportive. I still take my Effexor, Remeron, clonazepam...they really help me sleep, preventing bad dreaming and unsound sleeping.

Oh, btw, I found something cool. The "experts" will say this doesn't work, but I do it and it does, and read tons of people on the web who it works for. First, I buy the strong, most potent, dry cannabis herb from the government cannabis store. (Usually the Indica strain, the most relaxing kind..but sometimes the Sativa, activating strain, for tje daytime, to keep me up and going.) I use a grinder to grind the cannabis to a fine powder. I then use a small bowl and put the cannabis into "OO" capsules, usually about 1/2 a gram, and I ingest them! After 10-15 minutes, it kicks in, and if Sativa, I am up and feeling great and ready for the day, and if Indica, I chill, relax, pain evaporates, as well as any troubled thoughts. The effect lasts 6-8 hours, sometimes longer. And, I have my other meds to enhance and keep my mood smooth.

So, that's it folks! Finally, after 30 years, I am ready to face the real world. Not "cured", but in remission, I guess. And, I feel lucky, humble and blessed. But, no doctor did this for me. I pushed to get what I wanted, and to do it my way!! Educate yourself, think outside the box, and it is YOUR body, so you control and demand to get what YOU want. YOU deserve it, and don't settle for less than a very happy life. I was very down in the relms of hell, suicidal, and I was determined to highly bounce back into the light. I researched, especially in the underground websites, with nontraditional methods and substances. YOU are worth it!!!


Someone said, they never fear a thing
Well, I do
And I'm afraid enough for both of us,
For me and you
Time, if nothing else, will do it's worst
So do me a favour, and tell me the good news first




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